Injury Prevention

Doc Phytness

Dr. Jeff Seakan is a doctor of physical therapy, a certified athletic trainer and the owner of DOC phytness.

he specializes in working with Clients:

  • suffering from orthopedic issues, pain, or recovering from surgery.

  • having completed formal physical therapy and would like to continue to safely improve strength, ROM, flexibility and function with a doctor of physical therapy.

  • wanting to return to their active lifestyle, recreational & sports activities.

  • wanting to golf without pain, improve their swing mechanics, hit the ball farther and continue to play for many years to come.


Doc Phytness uses evidence-based practice combined with an extensive educational background to provide their clients with the best and safest approach to meet their fitness goals.


For You.

  • Work 1:1 with a doctor of physical therapy.

  • customized fitness programs based on your medical and physical screening and personal goals.

  • continue to live a healthy & active lifestyle.

  • Continue to play the sports or recreational activities you enjoy.

FOr your body.

  • increase muscle strength & endurance.

  • improve metabolism.

  • reduce risk of injury.

  • manage chronic conditions (pain, diabetes, arthritis, obesity, heart conditions, etc.)

  • increase bone density and strength.

  • reduce risk for falls.

  • improve your mood & mental health.

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34823 Derrickson Dr.
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