Midway Motion & Fitness offers the only regulation racquetball courts within a 50-mile radius.  Due to demand for our racquetball courts, please reserve your desired time at the front desk, or call the club ahead of time. We strongly recommend that all players wear approved eye protection! For basic racquetball and wallyball rules, read below. All Midway Members have complete FREE access to our racquetball courts and guests may gain access for a $15 fee – mixing up your workout with a bit of competitive edge and downright fun.

Four Members of Midway Motion and Fitness brought home medals in Racquetball home from the Senior Olympics in Albuquerque, New Mexico in late June 2019.  Pictured (left to right) is Terri Rock (aka the Terminator), who won silver in mixed doubles ages 70 -74 and Bronze age 70 -75; Doug Winklemann (Wink) and Barb Fischetti (Doc) took silver in mixed doubles age 65-69.  Barb also brought home Silver in women’s doubles with Ingrid Callmann (the Rabbit).  Ingrid also won bronze against some fierce competition in Women’s singes age 60 -64 and Bronze in an equal competitive event of mixed doubles age 60 – 64 with first time partner Mark Reynolds from Albuquerque.  Midway Motion and Fitness is proud of our Member Family!



American handball, known as handball in the United States, is a sport in which players use their hands to hit a small rubber ball against a wall such that their opponent cannot do the same without the ball touching the ground twice. The three versions are four-wall, three-wall and one-wall. Each version can be played either by two players (singles), three players (cutthroat) or four players (doubles), but in official tournaments, singles and doubles are the only versions played.