Yoga Classes at Midway Motion & Fitness

Yoga combines physical exercise with meditation in a low-impact activity that promotes general health, stamina, and flexibility while reducing stress and strengthening a variety of muscles.

Spiritual origins from the East influence yoga’s focus on mindfulness and a connection to nature. However, modern yoga practice for exercise and mindfulness has little to do with spirituality and religion.

At Midway Fitness, we focus on the strength training aspect of yoga, which is perfect for strengthening your muscles and your inner strength. Yoga can build confidence in your body and your abilities. Use your yoga class time to reflect on your life and let your stress melt away for a stronger body and conscience.

Early Morning Yoga

Practicing yoga in the early mornings can wake your body up and jumpstart your metabolism for a long day at work. Early morning fitness classes are perfect for gym-rats looking to get in some time at the gym before work.

With its stress-relieving qualities, doing yoga in the morning can leave you feeling relaxed and stress-free before arriving at work or school. Consider joining one of our early morning yoga classes at Midway Fitness.

Evening Yoga

After a long stressful day, yoga is a great way to decompress and relax. Consider joining one of our evening or night yoga classes to leave your stress behind after a long day.

Midway Motion & Fitness offers an afternoon and evening yoga class to fit any schedule or gym-goer looking for working out after work or school. Build your stamina and increase your flexibility and balance with a yoga class.

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Join a Yoga Class

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, come join Midway Motion & Fitness for yoga. We have classes scheduled several times a week to meet your busy life. All fitness classes are included with gym memberships including 1-day passes and guest passes. Contact our front desk to learn more about joining Midway Motion & Fitness’s 24-hour gym community.

Our yoga classes are perfect for vacationers looking to keep up with their regular fitness regime and locals living in Lewes, Rehoboth Beach, Milton, and Dewey Beach, Delaware.

Meet our Yoga Instructors

Midway Motion & Fitness has two incredible yoga instructors. They are experienced in teaching both beginner and expert poses.